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Learning Support Unit

The Learning Support Unit (LSU) is an integral part of St Thomas More. The role of the LSU is to support all pupils in every aspect of school life. The LSU is a large space and is used in a wide range of ways including emotional support, a place to go for pupils who have mobility issues, investigating behaviour issues and supporting students with poor behaviour. A real focus of the LSU is to provide a supportive environment for all who may need it. The LSU Manager, Mrs Tomlinson, has undertaken specific training that enables her to support young people and offer guidance on many of the issues they may face in their lives. Parents and Carers also seek support and advice from the school’s LSU should they need it. 


                          Mrs Tomlinson - LSU Manager

A restorative approach is fundamentally important for all students.  There is a specific focus on the importance of healthy and positive relationships to maintain good emotional wellbeing, resolving conflict and reducing harm.

The door is always open for all students to the LSU where they can seek a space to sit and talk and this is one of the ways students can be referred to the school Counselling Service.

The school’s Peer Mentors are trained to listen and support other students with any questions they may have about their school life and to demonstrate empathy, communication and the Catholic Ethos of our community.  Peer Mentors are based in the LSU, Learning Resources Centre (LRC) and playgrounds at break and lunchtime every day.

Online mental health and wellbeing support for young people from






 “When I feel I don’t know what to do I always go straight to the LSU for help and I have the chance to sit in a calm place.”    Year 8 student“The LSU has helped me with my worries about coming to school.  It is a place I can come when I feel anxious and can continue my work in a calm environment.  The LSU has helped me feel happier in school.”    Year 10 student"By coming to the LSU it has helped me, not only mentally,
but also physically to become a brighter learner.
It has also helped me become more independent 
in what I do."    Year 10 Student
"The LSU has helped me to be more sure 
about myself, to be more confident and keep
going and keep doing my best and always
makes me smile." Year 7 student
“I go to the LSU to do my Anger Gremlin lessons; it has calm me down and it helps when I am stressed. It makes me feel safe. The LSU has helped me in sad times.”    Year 9 student “It helped me because it gave me time to
reflect on what I had done and be a
better person.”    Year 8 student
“I think that the LSU helps people to reflect on what their
behaviour is like.  Mrs Tomlinson is very supportive 
of us.”
    Year 9 student
 "The LSU has helped me with my worries of coming to school.  It is a place I can come when I feel anxious and can continue my work in a calm environment.  The LSU has helped me feel happier in school.”    Year 10 student“Mrs Tomlinson is very helpful to me and
always keeps me out of trouble by giving
me good advice.”    Year 8 student
"The LSU can help you in different ways; it can
help you to reflect on what you  have done wrong
and help you to be a better person.”    Year 8 student
 “I came to this school with hopes and intentions to do extremely well in school.  I was very good in Year 7, but slipped up in Year 8 and spent time in the LSU.  When I was there, I learnt many life lessons, including a poor attitude doesn’t get you anywhere and neither does backchat.  I got support by being put on a PSP report for 16 weeks, which has helped me to step up my behaviour, leading me closer to being the best student I can be.  I aim to become a successful research scientist and I am hoping to be a Peer Mentor, helping other students.  I think what I have learnt has helped me to become a person that others can talk to and I can guide them from making the wrong decisions.”    Year 9 student"The LSU has always been helpful to me.  Mrs Tomlinson was there when I have struggled to arrange my schoolwork and extra-curricular activities.  She helped me when I was going through difficult times and has always been able to support my mental health issues.  I know from experience that if there is a problem I cannot face, I can always seek help from Mrs Tomlinson in the LSU."   Year 11 Student Learning Support Unit