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Our Governing Body is accountable for the objectives and decisions of the school. It monitors and reviews policies, targets and priorities. It has overall responsibility for ensuring the Academy has an effective and appropriate system of control, financial and otherwise.

Governors can be contacted directly by writing to:
Chair of the Governing Body, Stuart Jordan
c/o St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School
Footscray Road, Eltham, London, SE9 2SU.

Co-opted Governor
Stuart Jordan - Chair (Appointed 31 December 2017) 

Foundation Governors
Gary Farrelly-Vice Chair (Appointed   2/9/2015)
Craig Cabell (Appointed 2/9/2018)
John Fricker (Appointed 8/4/2015)
Dominic Lang (Appointed 19/2/2018)
Anthony Lawrence (Appointed 5/3/2015)
Michelle Martin (Appointed 5/6/2018)
2 Vacant positions

Local Authority Governor
Roberta Palmer (Reappointed 3/9/2018)

Staff Governors
Markus Ryan (Executive Principal and Accounting Officer)
Mr P Curran (Appointed 1/4/2019)
Mrs K Jennings (Appointed 1/4/2019)

Parent Governors
Mr Michael Jones (Appointed 1/4/2019)
Mr Samuel Ross-Wilden (Appointed 1/4/2019)

Company Secretary
Mrs Vivienne McLaughlin – Finance Director (01/02/15)

Reverend Monsignor Matthew Dickens
Paul McCallum (Financial Secretary)
Most Reverend Peter Smith

Resources and Audit Committee
Dominic Lang(Chair)
Stuart Jordan
Gary Farrelly
Roberta Palmer
Markus Ryan

Premises Committee
Dominic Lang (Chair)
Stuart Jordan
Gary Farrelly
Roberta Palmer
Markus Ryan

Admissions Committee
Dominic Lang
Michelle Martin
Roberta Palmer

Curriculum Committee
Anthony Lawrence (Chair)
Craig Cabell
Markus Ryan

Pupil Discipline Committee
As required

Appeals Committee
As required

Review Officer
Roberta Palmer


The Governing Body met formally 4 times during 2017/18. No business interests of any member was declared. Attendance during the year was as follows:

Stuart Jordan - 4
Gary Farrelly - 3
John Fricker - 4
Dominic Lang - 4
Anthony Lawrence - 4
Michelle Martin - 2
Roberta Palmer - 4
Markus Ryan - 4