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The Mathematics curriculum at St Thomas More encourages learning that builds year upon year. The schemes of work for both key stages are designed to ensure all students develop a fluency with the key mathematical skills and a deep understanding of the knowledge that is required for them to make outstanding progress. There is a particular emphasis on using and applying their mathematical knowledge in a variety of contexts, making cross-curricular links to deepen their understanding. There are a number of resources that students can use during their time at St Thomas More including MathsWatch, PiXL maths app and Active Learn.


Key Stage 3

At St Thomas More, we spend two years in key stage 3 fully preparing the students for the demanding new 9-1 GSCE specification. Our scheme of work builds upon students’ learning from key stage 2, whilst at the same time preparing a solid foundation for further studies in key stage 4 and beyond. All key stage 3 students study a range of topics across the following areas: number, algebra, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry and measures, probability and statistics. Students are assessed regularly on topics they have studied and intervention is put into place where appropriate.


Key Stage 4

To cater for the extra content within the demanding new specification we have a 3-year key stage 4. Students will follow either the Edexcel Foundation or Higher GCSE syllabus throughout Years 9, 10, and 11. The new GCSE curriculum places particular emphasis on students’ ability to solve complex mathematical problems in context. Students’ progress in KS4 is regularly monitored through rigorous assessments and they are encouraged to use resources available to help them master the areas in which they are less confident.